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Some Christians believe in "Head Covering" for women:

The following link was sent to me by brother Nabeel Mahmud; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

The following links that support head covering for Christian women were listed on


Freed Through Submission: The story of why I cover my head

Sharing on Covering All Day

Do I Really Need Protective Headgear?
by a young sister

My Story of Being Led to the Conviction of Head Coverings

My Testimony Concerning the Veiling of Messianic & Christian Women

Why I Wear A Headcovering for Prayer & Worship

A Testimony About the Christian Woman's Covering

How I Came to Veil My Head

My Thoughts on a Believing Woman's Dress

My Conviction to Cover All Day

The Head of a Woman: To Cover or Not to Cover?

What I Have Found: My Introduction to New Testament Assembly Principles
by Mark Frees

Why Would a Non-Orthodox Jewish Woman Choose to Cover Her Hair or Her Head?

The Biblical Headcovering: Scarf of Hidden Power
by Renee Ellison

Headcoverings: Are they for today's woman?
Testimony by Karen Buttle

Headcoverings and Husbands

Some of My Experiences with This Subject
by Brother Friedrich

Daughters and Headcoverings

Because of First Corinthians 11
The Story of Why I Cover My Head

A Brief Testimony

A Sign for the Angels

Legalism vs. the Spirit of Obedience

My Reasons for Covering

Why I Have Chosen to wear the Headship Veil


New Testimonies

By Karen McDaniel

Ten Lies The Church Tells Women

We have been granted power with our covering

With Golden Threads Through It---by Sister Linda
My Headcovering Testimony 

Suffering in OBEDIENCE now rather than for DISobedience later

He Who Doesn't Stand for Something, Will Fall for Anything

Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord

What is that thing on your head??

Covered Testimonies Board by Covered Reflections







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