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Quran Preservation

Yishan Jufu

I would suggest for Christians and non Muslims to read other books on Islam by Robert Morey and Abdul Saleeb!  If you have free time on your hands and love history twisters!

I mentioned the "honourable" Robert Morey and Abdul Saleeb by names for the following reasons:

a. The guy calling himself Abdul Saleeb (servant or slave of the cross in English) is only that, a slave of the cross not of God!

b. Robert Morey in his book on the origins of Allah the moon-god as he claims, was less than honest to say the least! He used very manipulative manneuvours and misleading pictures and conclusions to serve his purpose. He was refuted and exposed by so many muslims and non-muslims alike for his lack of scientific integrity and presentation of the claimed evidences!

c. Another fact that Morey and his likes forgot to research is the fact that Arab Christians have been, and are still, using the name "Allah" (alef, lam, lam, ha) in their bibles. Are those x'tians misguided too?


On the subject of preservation of the Quran, you can put up all the books and narrations and traditions that you want, but can you produce (now) two varying versions or copies of the Quran? If you have the money, I suggest that you pay Turkey and Egypt a visit, go to museums and (in Turkey) see the original Quran copy that was collected by the third Caliph Othman ben Affan. 

Another point that you need to understand about books written by men (muslims and non-muslims), they do not represent laws or canons in Islam. Such sayings or writings represent the opinions of their authors, and in Islam's history (till this very day) there were, and still are, many secular muslims (athiests and communists) who try to discredit Islam or any other religion by writing what I call garbage and twisted lies in support of their theories. Another major fact that needs to be taken into account is that since the dawn of Islam, history has recorded many attempts by non-muslims or hypocrites (who pretended to be muslims but where adverse enemies of Islam in reality) who made it their duty to slice Islam into smaller sects and to cast doubts about it.  A good example is Abdulla Ben Saba'a. Some muslims writers were also influenced by what is called "Israeliyat" (traditions and stories of Israelites) and they mixed those traditions with their writings.  The issue of the preservation of the Quran or the bible can be checked very simply even now. A book that was preserved would have: 

1. One original copy ONLY in the original language dating to the time of the respective prophet or very close to his time.

2. The original manuscripts should not contain any variances or contradictory accounts of the same events.

3. All verses in such manuscripts or books should be accepted by the followers of the respective religion.

4. The book should not contain any errors pertaining to any subject in light of the used language, the traditions of the people of the time or the fulfillment of any prophecies in such books.

5. Most importantly, the book should not produce any doctrines that contradict its own contents.

6. The book should include the message of God only as conveyed by the respective prophets and not doctrines or teachings of humans who are supposed to be followers of the prophets.

7. A divine book revealed by God will glorify and call for the worship of God Almighty in simple and straight forward verses that do not require an IBM super computer to decipher.  A divine book would not call for the worship of humans, idols or symbols in any form.

8. A divine book from God cannot represent God [forbid] as a racist or blood thirsty god! I'm sure that you agree that God's love and mercy are for all who worhsip him alone and obey his commands.

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