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Sami Zaatri's Rebuttals section:

AUDIO Debates:

Brother Sami scored two sound AUDIO-debate victories on "Is trinity a valid belief?" with a Christian preacher and Sam Shamoun, by the Grace and Will of Allah Almighty!  His debates are as follows:

  1. Is trinity a valid belief?  (with the Christian preacher)

  2. Debate review with Christian preacher: preacher goes mad!   Warning the preacher gave many foul insults!

  3. Is Jesus GOD?  (with Sam Shamoun)  Warning!!  Sam Shamoun lost his temper and started throwing foul insults at brother Sami, me personally and Islam.  Brother Sami, on the other hand, kept his good manners and cool and thanked Shamoun instead.  This AUDIO contains some filth from the barking missionary.  Viewer's discretion is advised!

  4. What does "Jesus is the heir" really mean? Does it mean he is the heir of GOD Almighty, or is this just another trinitarian lie?
  5. My Review of the Debate with Sam Shamoun on Is Jesus God?
  6. Exposing the lying missionary Sam Shamoun - Response to his small debate review.
  7. Responding to Answering-Islam’s (wildcat's) debate Review.
  8. This web site gives a good review on Sam Shamoun's foul character.

  9. An open challenge to Christian_Prince to debate "Does the Bible promote terror?"

  10. AUDIO: Christian_prince runs away from brother Sami Zaatari's debate-challenge.  He also despises females because he called brother Sami a coward and a "female".  Also, be aware of this missionary's foul manners.

  11. Open Debate Challenge.
  12. The foul-mouthed missionary, Sam Shamoun, ran from debating brother Sami Zaatari!



Rebuttals to Sam Shamoun:

* Meeting Sam Shamoun's challenge to All Muslims.

  1. If Jesus is God, how can God die? Who was running the universe those three days that Jesus was dead?
  2. If Jesus is God, then who was he praying to on the cross?
  3. Were Jesus' Miracles unique? Do they really prove he is GOD?
  4. Jesus says that the Father is greater than he is, proving that he is not God.
  5. Jesus' authority was limited and GOD-given.
  6. The Bible says that GOD Almighty can not be tempted. Yet, Jesus was tempted by satan.
  7. How can Jesus be GOD when he denies being absolutely good, and says that only GOD is good?
  8. The Bible says GOD Almighty can not change. Yet, Jesus changed his mind and had no idea about the Hour.
  9. The Bible says there is only One GOD, that is the Father. Therefore, Jesus is not GOD.
  10. How can Jesus be God when the Hebrew Bible says God is not a man?
  11. Jesus said that no one have ever seen GOD nor ever heard his voice. Yet, people saw Jesus and heard his voice.
    -  Part 2 of previous rebuttal.

  12. Women are properties in the Old Testament. This means that the Bible degrades women.
  13. A Christian Defense of the Gospel to the Muslims.
    Part II.
    Part III.
    Part IV.

  14. Jesus in John 8:40 declared that he was an absolute human. How can he then be GOD?
  15. The historicity of the resurrection is not firmly rooted in the reliability of the New Testament documents.
  16. The Old Testament condones rape.  Shamoun has proven himself to be a total embarrassment to his pagan cult in this one.
  17. Is the GOD Almighty of the Noble Quran really ignorant?
  18. Is Allah Almighty the GOD of the Bible?
  19. Allah Almighty's Oaths.
  20. Is Allah Almighty an immaterial Entity or an invisible man?
  21. The un-createdness of the Noble Quran?
  22. Does GOD Almighty deceive?
  23. The Noble Quran in Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) view.
  24. What does the Bible say about Jesus?
  25. Was Jesus really worshiped?
  26. Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) marriage with Aisha.
  27. Zaid, Zaynab and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
  28. Ishmael is not the Father of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him?
  29. Islam and Adultery - An Examination of Muhammad’s Marriage Privileges.
  30. Muhammad and the Making of Wills.
  31. Islam and The Nursing of Adults.
  32. Jesus As The Way, The Truth, And The Life.
  33. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article "I Say: Ye Are Gods".
  34. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article The Birth Narratives of Jesus in the Quran.
  35. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article "An examination of John 1:1, 8:58 and Colossians 2:9".
  36. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article: Jesus or Muhammad: Who is God's True Seal of Prophethood?
    -  Jesus or Muhammad: Who is God's True Seal of Prophethood?

  37. The Jewish Messiah And The Prophet of Islam.
    -  Part II.

  38. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article: Jesus in the Rabbinic Traditions.
  39. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article Qur'an Contradiction: Messengers Amongst the Jinns and Angels?
  40. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun and Jochen Katz article Quran Contradiction regarding the First Muslim.
  41. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article The Quran Affirms: The Quran Affirms: Paul Passed On The True Gospel of Christ.
  42. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article: Muhammad's False Prophecies.
    -  Part II.
    -  Part III.

  43. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article Sunni Islam’s Real Shahadah.
  44. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article on "I am".
  45. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article Qur'an Contradiction: Is Jesus God or not?
  46. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article: Can Angels take away life?
  47. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article on violence and terrorism in the Bible's Old Testament.
  48. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article Qur'an Contradiction: Wine Statement.
  49. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article Islam And Wine Consumption.
  50. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's comments on Muslims deceiving the Christians of Negus.
  51. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article on Jesus admitting that only the Father is the only true GOD.
  52. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article: This Rocks! / Impersonating Solomon?
  53. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article Responses to "Islamic Information": Jesus on whom be peace in the Glorious Qur'an.
  54. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun: JESUS IN CHRISTIANITY; JESUS IN ISLAM.
    -  Part II.

  55. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article: Surat Ar-Rum Revisited.
  56. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article Allah, Adam, and the Angels.
  57. What indeed is the Seal of Prophet hood.
  58. Is Surah 10:90-92 Copied from the Talmud?
  59. Shamoun on Matthew 5:27-28.
  60. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun on Is Muhammad the Last Prophet?
  61. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun on Psalm 146:3.
  62. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun: Can They Disbelieve in the Last Day and be Safe?
  63. What Indeed is the day of Congregation?
  64. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun: Do They Eat or Not?
  65. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article Muhammad and his Donkey: The Amazing Fables of Islam.
  66. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's article The Thunder and the Moon Examples of "Islamic Science" Fiction.


Counter Rebuttals to Sam Shamoun:

  1. Responding to Sam Shamoun’s attempted rebuttal: Revisiting God’s Command to Kill the Amalekites.
  2. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s response More on the Quran Contradiction of Angels Creating and Causing Death.
  3. Examining Sam Shamoun's character.
    -  Examining Sam Shamoun's character - Part II.
    -  Examining Sam Shamoun’s character - Part III.
    -  Sam Shamoun's bad and foul manners exposed.
    Examining Sam Shamoun's Character - Part 5.  
    His foul mouth again exposed in these 3 new emails that he sent!

  4. Brief Response to a comment of Sam Shamoun on the Shahadah Article.
  5. Responding to a lie by Sam Shamoun.
  6. Refuting Sam Shamoun’s Analysis of Surah 2:98-100.
  7. Shamoun the Idolater.
  8. Responding to Jochen Katz and Sam Shamoun's response to the scientific error regarding the Moon in the Bible.


Rebuttals to David Wood:

  1. Who really is the False Prophet?


Rebuttals to Craig Winn:

  1. Open Debate Challenge to Craig Winn.


Rebuttals to Quennel Gale:

  1. Analyzing a Christian's defense of the slaughter of women and children in the Bible.
  2. The harm of Pork - Appendix.


Counter Rebuttals to Quennel Gale:

  1. Responding to yet another failed attempt by Quennel Gale.
  2. Continuation to Quennals Response - Part 2B.
  3. Analyzing Quennal Gale’s third response.
  4. Responding to Quennal Gale's analysis of the terrorist Biblical verses.
  5. Terrorism in the Bible or the Noble Quran?


Rebuttals to Silas:

  1. Rebuttal to Silas’s article JESUS THE "SON" OF GOD.
  2. Rebuttal to Silas’s article: MUHAMMAD AND THE MURDER OF KAB BIN AL-ASHRAF.
  3. Rebuttal to Silas' article: MUHAMMAD’S VULGAR FACE.
  4. Rebuttal to Silas’ Article: THE DEATH OF MUHAMMAD.
  5. Rebuttal to Silas' article on MUHAMMAD, AISHA, ISLAM, AND CHILD BRIDES.
  6. Rebuttal to Silas’ article THE PAGAN SOURCES OF ISLAM.


Rebuttals to Jochen Katz:

  1. Responding to Jochen Katz attempted response To Jesus mentioning the prophet Muhammad's coming in the Quran.
  2. Jochen ‘The Joke’ Katz has gone Silent.
  3. Silencing Jochen Katz' Propaganda.
  4. The Hypocrisy of Jochen Katz.
  5. Responding to Jochen Katz and Sam Shamoun's response to the scientific error regarding the Moon in the Bible.


Rebuttals to James White:

  1. Rebuttal to Dr. James White's article: The Qur'an in the Light of God-breathed Scripture: Surah 5:116.


Rebuttals to Ali Sina:

  1. Rebuttal to Ali Sina's article: Did Jesus Escape Crucifixion?
  2. Rebuttal to Ali Sina's article Samaritans and Moses.
  3. Rebuttal to Ali Sina' article, Inheritance: Who Taught Allah Math?
  4. The stupidity of Ali Sina.
  5. Message to Ali Zina, Islam is winning, and you are losing, get over it.
  6. The man that is Ali Sina or as I say, Ali Zina.
  7. Fake or Real? - Supposed testimonies of Muslims leaving Islam on Ali Zina's site.
  8. Ali Zina does it again! Yes, he makes a joke and a fool of himself!


Rebuttals to Matt Slick (Carm.org):

  1. Rebuttal to Matt Slick's article: The Qu'ran says the Bible is not corrupt.
  2. Rebuttal to Matt Slick's article Jihad: holy struggle or holy war.
  3. Rebuttal to Matt Slick: Comparison between the Bible and the Quran on Miracles.
  4. Rebuttal to Matt Slick's article Who has performed the greatest act of love? Yahweh or Allah?
  5. Rebuttal to Matt Slick: If Jesus is called the Son of God, do you think that makes him God?
  6. Rebuttal to Matt Slick's article: If Jesus is God, then why did He not know the time of his return?
  7. Responding to Matt Slick’s Response to a Muslim inquiry.
  8. Refuting Some of Matt Slick’s Trinity Analogies.


Rebuttals to James Arlandson:

  1. Rebuttal to James Arlandson's article Top ten reasons why Islam is NOT the religion of peace.
  2. Rebuttal to James Arlandson's article Facts vs revelations in the Quran.
  3. Rebuttal to James Arlandson's article Allah and God at war: World part.
  4. Rebuttal to James Arlandson's article Does Islam improve on Christianity?
  5. Rebuttal to James Arlandson's article: Women are inferior to men in the Quran.
  6. Rebuttal to James Aralandson's article Saul and Gideon: revelation or error? - An analysis of Sura 2:249.
  7. Rebuttal to James Arlandson's article Torture in the Quran and early Islam.


Rebuttals to Answering Islam:

  1. Who Really applies deceptions, lies, and distortions? That would be Answering-Islam.
  2. Rebuttal to Answering Islam: Everything and Everyone is Obedient to God?
  3. Responding to Answering-Islam’s Desperate Propaganda.


Rebuttals to IslamReview.Com:

  1. IslamReview: Another Typical Lying Christian.


Article on Christianity:

  1. The Terror in the Bible.
  2. Ezekiel 23- The chapter Christians don’t want you to know about.
  3. Judah, his daughter in law and the illegitimate lineage of Jesus.
  4. Can we trust the Son of Man?
  5. Disturbing Stories in the Bible.
  6. The Bible allows rape, slavery, the sex trade, and murder!
  7. What did the followers of Jesus take him as? A great man or God?
  8. The Problem with Paul.
  9. Paul's Strange Law.
  10. Is Jesus God in the Quran?
  11. What about The Holy Spirit?
  12. How reliable is the New Testament?
  13. 10 Reasons why Jesus is not God!
  14. The False Prophets according to the Bible: Does the prophet Muhammad fit the description?
  15. Would you take this man as God?
  16. God has God?
  17. Dead men walking.
  18. Paul’s idea of marriage.
  19. Is the Prophet Daniel God?
  20. Fairy Tales in the Bible: The dragon who waged war in heaven.
  21. The Jews did kill Jesus according to Paul.
  22. The Giants: The Bible’s incompleteness and incoherence.
  23. Is marrying your sibling forbidden or not?
  24. Jesus' crucifixion and the end of the World.
  25. Why I do not convert to Christianity.
  26. Malachi Chapter 2 and the Christian double standard.
  27. Have you memorized the OT?
  28. Punishments in the Bible.
  29. Exposing the Christian character.
  30. Is the Noble Quran wrong regarding Mary?
  31. Which tree couldn’t Adam and Eve eat from?
  32. Biblical Contradiction: Will earth live forever?
  33. The law of apostasy in Christianity.
  34. The Christian Hypocrisy.
  35. The Evolution on the character of Jesus in the New Testament Gospels.
  36. Why was Paul prosecuted?
  37. Why is Paul still giving offerings?
  38. Did Jesus come to Preach Peace?
  39. Divorce in the Bible: A case of abrogation.
  40. Is Job Sinless?
  41. The Language of the Bible.
  42. Honor Killings in the Bible.
  43. The Quran’s Superiority over the Bible on the story of Adam and Eve’s Sin.
  44. Questions for Christians.
  45. Jesus Rebukes Anti-Muhammad Christians!
  46. Who is Jesus?
  47. Is Jesus God because He said Honor him as you Honor the Father?
  48. Is Jesus God because He Forgave Sins?
  49. Paul the Prisoner of Jesus Christ.
  50. Is The Gospel of Luke a Revelation and Inspiration from God?
  51. The Beliefs of Christians is Similar to that of the Pagans according to Saint Justin Martyr.
  52. Doesn’t John 1:1 prove that Jesus is God?
  53. Is Jesus God because some of the Jews accused him of making himself as God?
  54. One night stand in the Bible.
  55. Bible Commentary on Biblical Terrorism.
  56. The Bible on Slavery: What the Christian Scholars say.
  57. Abraham didn’t marry Hagar?
  58. How Islam improves on Christianity?
  59. Open Debate challenge to the Pope.
  60. Dear Mr. Benedict, i.e., the foolish Pope!
  61. Jesus didn’t kill anyone, oh really? Debunking another Christian myth.
  62. Jesus Commanded the Killing of Children who cursed their Parents.
  63. The Immorality of the Bible. Re-visiting the Disturbing Stories of The Bible.
  64. Trinitarians do Worship Three God's.
  65. Should the Bible be banned?
  66. Examining Paul's Divorcement Law on Christian Women.
  67. The Bible's Scientific blunder on the Moon.
    Responding to Jochen Katz and Sam Shamoun's response to the scientific error regarding the Moon in the Bible.
  68. Examining John 1:1 - Part I.
    Part II.
  69. John 10:30, I and My Father are One.
  70. Can we see God or what?
  71. The Christians now make God into a Toy!
  72. The Bible's Incoherence Regarding the Sacrificial son.
  73. Debunking yet Another Christian myth - Does God really Love Everybody?


Articles on Islam:

  1. Muta (temporary marriage) is banned in Islam.
  2. Is the prophet Muhammad the final prophet or not?
  3. Another Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad forbidding the killing of Children.
  4. Surah 5:51 Examined - Don’t take the Jews and Christians as Friends?
  5. Examining 3 often miss-interpreted Ayats: Does the Quran call ALL Jews and Christians monkeys and swine?
  6. Why does Allah Almighty say We?
  7. Surah 61:6.
  8. Lat, Manat, and Al-Uzza.
  9. Does Islam grant Paradise to people who only do Good Works?
  10. Can Muslims Marry their Daughters?
  11. Women have no Inheritance in Islam?
  12. The Quran’s Superiority over the Bible on the story of Adam and Eve’s Sin.
  13. The Quran teaches nothing Good?
  14. The Preservation of the Noble Quran.
  15. Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad.
  16. Aisha and the Prophet Muhammad.
  17. Was the Prophet Muhammad send for the pagan Arabs only? Or all of Mankind?
  18. How Islam improves on Christianity?
  19. Examining the issue of the Prophet Muhammad allowing Muslims to lie.
  20. Surah 8:12 Examined.
  21. Interesting Hadiths on the Prophet Muhammad.
  22. Allah's Oneness: Surah Al-Ikhlas and its Great Message.
  23. Does Allah Almighty Pray?
  24. Polygamy in Islam.
  25. A Detailed analysis of the Prophet’s Marriage to Aisha.
  26. Circumcision in Islam.
  27. The Jinn.
    -  Part II.
  28. Why the Virgin Birth in Islam?


General Rebuttals:

  1. Responding to A Christian apologist’s response on the Christology of Jesus.
  2. Rebuttal to Arthur Jeffrey's book: The foreign vocabulary of the Qur'an.
  3. A Christian response to my arguments on Revelations and my refutation to it.
  4. Rebuttal to Gerhard Nehls article The Message.
  5. Rebuttal to Gerhard Nehls article What Jesus said about himself.
  6. Rebuttal to Anthony Wales article 100 Similarities between the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul - PART 1.
  7. Rebuttal to Anis Shorrosh's reason of why the Muslims believe the Bible is corrupt.
  8. Responding to Dallas Roark's article If I were a Muslim.....
  9. A Mosque Shooting in Australia.




Rebuttals, and exposing the lies of the Answering Islam team section.

Rebuttals to Sam Shamoun's Articles section.

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