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Muta marriage is forbidden according also to the Shia sources themselves!



Shamoun and his goon's low class and ill-manners are also exposed below!

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The foul-mouthed missionary, Sam Shamoun, ran from debating brother Sami Zaatari!

The sections of this article are:

1-  About the christian liars and missionary snakes.
2-  Sam Shamoun's cowardice and foul mouth.
      -  Sam Shamoun runs from debating his favorite topic.
      -  Sam Shamoun's low-class and insults.
3-  Conclusion.




1-  About the christian liars and missionary snakes:

One thing that is common and typical of the christian liars and their missionary snakes is that as long as you don't expose the falsehood of their corrupt and pagan religion [2], they'll talk the fake love with you and sell their pagan religion as deceptive and lying salesmen.  But once they're challenged, their true colors quickly appear, their snake faces are quickly unmasked, and their thirst for blood shed is quickly revealed which explains why most of the world's atrocities throughout history from Medieval days to the recent World Wars have mostly been done by christians.

The missionary snakes of the "answering Islam" team have already been exposed for propagating false lies on their site!  This is no cheap talk from me, for we here at are all men of Islam-Truth!  We don't resort to lies like these snakes because GOD Almighty doesn't need liars to spread His Divine Truth.  It is only the infidels who play word-games and fabricate quotes that have to resort to lying because this is all they have; just plain lies to follow and propagate.  The following examples irrefutably prove this:

  1. Jochen Katz admittedly saying that he won't remove even those charges that had been proven to be lies!
  2. Quennel Gale fabricated ample lies about me, which he himself refused to answer when I confronted him before his team mates.
  3. Exposing and Refuting Quennel Gale's and Jochen Katz' 19 lies about me!
  4. "Christian_Prince" 's deliberate fabrications of quotes and creation of non-existent false hadiths are all exposed and proven here.
  5. Sam Shamoun caught lying red-handed on: Does Islam really allow for fathers to marry their bastard daughters?
  6. List of Craig Winn's fabricated lies and deliberate alteration of quotes, WITH CLEAR-CUT PROOFS!
  7. Refutation to the preposterous LIES of Jochen Katz about his Bible not containing inhumane murders from its Prophets!
  8. More deliberate and preposterous LIES by Jochen Katz and another clown of his, Quennel Gale!  This is the worst hoax of all!  The so-called "rebuttal" does not even address ONE POINT from my article!
  9. Even more preposterous LIES by Quennel Gale!
  10. Jochen Katz pretending that he doesn't know what the word "day" means in English!
  11. Quackery Profile about the anti-Islam, "answering Islam" team.
  12. Andrew and Robert Morey at  Andrew, the liar, purposely cut off the parts of the Hadiths that would've exposed his lie about Islam prohibiting asking questions.
  13. Shamoun's deceptive methods:  Paul called disbelievers, who are supposedly doomed to Hell, as "holy men"!   Please visit: and see my rebuttal to Sam Shamoun and how I have shredded him into pieces by exposed his deceptive methods and the absurdity of Paul and the New Testament.

Much more evidence exists in the Dumpster Section, where these missionary goons and more individuals are thoroughly exposed.  But that's not all!  Even from ordinary christians, I've received outrageous death threats and foul insults, which I have just begun today to document.  In the past, I used to just delete them and not respond to them, but now I've decided to document them on this site to further demonstrate how evil the christians really are and how they are really no more than just plain liars and deceptive infidels.  Let us also not forget that the christian snakes are notorious in sinning and in all of the sexual immoralities throughout the world from pornography, sodomy, fornication, adultery, propagating lust through inappropriate cloths, immoral and profane songs, drugs, alcohol, AIDS, homosexuality, and so on...  These professional male and female prostitutes, whores and pornified cum-suckers are the world's biggest sin producers!  Wherever there are christian-dominated soceities, you can rest assured and bet your bottom dollar that there will always be all of the sins and immoralities that I mentioned and they will always be at their prime among these pornified infidels!



2-  Sam Shamoun's Cowardice and Foul Mouth:

Recently, we have smashed Sam Shamoun's filthy character by awarding him the toilet trophy for his outstanding excessive foul mouth and callings for gay-rape and many other documented toilet things that exist both in his head and in his section on this site.  Seemingly not being able to take the public humiliation any longer, the christian snake have finally unmasked his real ugly face and true colors by not only giving us more foul insults, and more low-life manners and obnoxious attitude, but quite surprisingly he even backed away from his very own debate challenge on "Is Muhammad a true Prophet?" from brother Sami Zaatari.

You see, recently, brother Sami have schooled this missionary infidel very well on trinity and exposed it for him as no more than an invented lie by man that originated from the Romans' and Hindus' pagan religions, and that it really has no basis whatsoever even in his bible, the book that is filled with countless contradictions and corruption as most ironically, even its own theologians admit so.  Fearing that he might get exposed and schooled again, especially after our recent devastating rebuttals to all of his points on the subject of Prophet Muhammad, all Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon him, the pornified snake decided to call it quits and never dare to debate this topic ever again, but not before giving us more insults and obnoxious street-thugs and low-life attitude that is filled with hate against GOD Almighty's Divine Truth, Islam, and all of GOD Almighty's True Believers from among the Muslims.  The following are the email correspondences with comments and elaborations from me:


(a)-  Sam Shamoun runs from debating his favorite topic:

Brother Sami's email:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 00:23:13 +0000

salam and peace to all! well almost a year ago me and shamoun agreed to 2 debates, Is Jesus God? and, is Muhammad a true Prophet. we have done debate one, and now i think it is a good time to do debate 2 which is is Muhammad a true prophet.

the debate format will be the same as last time, 2 min opening, 4 min back and forth for 2 hours. i am ready to do this next satuday 8 pm new york time, 1 am london time, 4 am makkah time, and 5 am uae time. :)

i have one stipulation only that the room we debate in is my room this time, i will not be admin, umar and bassam and osama will be, we debated the christian topic in your room, hence we shall debate the Islamic topic in our room, we shall not dot at all unless the F word is used, B word, and all other swear words. critisism is accepted as thats the point of the debate so we accept that, we dont accept swearing, and this is for me as well. i wont debate unless its not in our room. fair is fair.

the debate will take place on paltalk offcourse in social issues.



Sam Shamoun's response:

From: "sam shamoun" <>
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 15:58:22 +0000


You agreed to debate on Muhammad's teaching on Muta, so we are going to stick with that. Let me know when you are ready so I can get the material up
for the debate. And you don't decide all the rules beforehand, we need to talk about the time format and the room etc. I hope this is not a sign of you trying to pull out and save face. We will see with your compliance or lack thereof.

My comments:

Notice right off the bat, this missionary is not only running from the debate, as he is further exposed on below, but he also threw in a ridiculous comment "I hope this is not a sign of you trying to pull out and save face" which was not only off, but also deliberately deceptive.

And as to the topic of Muta, we have thoroughly exposed him on this subject at: Does Islam allow Muta?


Brother Sami's response:

From: "sami z" <> 
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 16:38:31 +0000

wrong, i told you we will debate whether the prophet Muhammad is a true prophet, if you want to bring muta up go ahead, but i am not going to make a 2 hour debate on muta since i never agreed to debate muta alone specifically, again i said i would debate is the prophet Muhammad a true prophet, so if you wanna bring muta up as one of the arguments to disprove his prophethood then thats fine. and that is the debate we agreed to debate last year, so i want to get this 2nd debate done.

and again, i will not debate if it is not in our room, last time i debated in your room, this time you in ours, this is a very easy stipulation for you to meet since the debate is going to be recorded so we cant dot you since if we did we just look bad.

what format do you want? 20 min openings and so on? well ppl on paltalk will not follow along, and neither will most ppl at home, 4 mins each back and
forth is the best option since it helps ppl understand whats going on since its all step by step.


Sam Shamoun's response:

From: "sam shamoun" <> 
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 16:45:00 +0000

You are starting to lie, and I expected you would back down. You contacted me in pm and told me you wanted to debate with me and I said I want to debate Muhammad's teaching on Muta. You agreed and said to give you two weeks and I gave you over a month. Just recently I even told you to bring Bassam to help you debate on the issue of Muta and you told me to bring Jochen and Silas.

I knew by your delay you were trying to back out, and I don't blame you for doing that in light of our last debate.

Anyway, the topic will be whether Muhammad's Muta is a form of prostitution since I want the world to see the kind of teachings you guys are trying to
defend and the kind of man you want people to believe in.

So I expect that your next email will be an acceptance of our original agreement so we can move on from there and arrange the date and time format since I have an article being prepared for this topic. Don't be another Nadir and make excuses to run away.

So Sami, please stop wasting my time and let's get this debate on. If not, then please don't waste my time with any more emails. I won't respond to anymore emails from you unless it is an agreement to debate Muta.


My comments:

Notice the rude manners and lies: "You are starting to lie, and I expected you would back down."  And again, as to the topic of Muta, we have thoroughly exposed him on this subject at: Does Islam allow Muta?

Also, notice that brother Sami never objected to debating the topic of Muta.  And the reason why he is insisting on having the debate in our room is because the last time brother Sami and the foul-mouthed missionary debated on trinity, the latter kept throwing foul insults which were all recorded in the debate and you can listen to them along with the entire debate at brother Sami's section.  So obviously, brother Sami wants to eliminate this loser's chances to foul-insult Islam and the Muslims again.


Brother Sami's response:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 16:51:16 +0000

i should have saved the conversation, i pmed you saying im ready to debate next month which is now ABOUT THE PROPHETHOOD OF MUHAMMAD, and you agreed we will debate the topic and that you would bring muta up, but since this is a 2 hour debate this can be one of your arguments, but i want to smash
every other argument you have one by one. stop chickening out, notice what a chicken you are, i am saying lets debate is Muhammad a prophet, and
that you can your muta argument up AND MANY OTHER ARGUMENTS!
i never agreed to debate muta alone hence i am not going to debate this to alone, but i will debate the broad topic of is Muhammad a true prophet, so either you stop wasting my time or accept the debate challenge we BOTH AGREED TO LAST YEAR and LAST MONTH when i said it in plane bold english words that i want to debate the prophethood of Muhammad, you can bring muta up to disprove it and many other arguments, dont back down plz because debating and smashing you on muta alone is not satisfying for me, i want to smash you on prophecies,
aisha, zayd, and every other argument you have so plzzzzzz accept the topic which you made! how ironic you made this topic last year!!!!!!!! so accept the
challenge IS MUHAMMAD A TRUE PROPHET, bring up muta, aisha, zayd, right hand captives, war, false propchecies or any other new argument you have.


My comments:

pmed means personal messeged you. 


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Brother Sami's follow-up email:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 18:05:04 +0000

well is the debate gonna happen? is Muhammad a true prophet, saturday, paltalk, lets do it, i will make a debate challenge publicly to you as well
on osamas and my site, i dont want to let you escape from this fav topic of yours WHICH YOU MADE LAST YEAR i crushed you on divinity of jesus, and
now i will do so in this topic,
dont back down and be scared. next saturday, 10 pm new york time, just say yes and lets go.


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Brother Sami's follow-up email:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 18:24:19 +0000

wowwwwwwwww i forgot SHAMOUN YOUR ON TAPE (during the trinity debate) SAYING LETS DEBATE IS MUHAMMAD A PROPHET, lol in our first debate! your on tape saying lets do it, but offcourse we couldnt debate then since your swearing your head off, but now we can since things have kooled down, so therefore you ARE ON TAPE about this topic we agreed on, therefore you must debate this topic since you made it and are on tape affirming it. :) you have no chance but to debate
this now, if you dont, your a coward and backing down. thank you. its all up to you now, dont bother replyng back if you dont say yes.


My comments:

During their trinity debate, the foul-mouthed missionary - as I said above - kept throwing foul-insults at brother Sami, me personally and Islam which left us with no choice but to leave.  But during the debate, he did make ample remarks about wanting to debate "Is Muhammad a true Prophet?" next.


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Bassam Zawadi's email:

Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 20:41:54 +0000

Sam I am suprised that you are not agreeing to this debate. Usually you would love to bring out all these arguments that you have against Muhammad peace be upon him. I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish with this Mut'a thing? If you want to speak about immorality in Islam, then lets be fair and also give us the right to speak about the immorality in the Bible. At the end of the day, the topic will be useless. Because its only subjective arguments and emotions being thrown in. Muslims believe that Mut'a was a practice allowed and THEN PROHIBITED. Muslims used to drink and get drunk and the Prophet didn't condemn them. Why? Becuz it was NOT PROHIBITED YET. Same thing with all the laws. So I mean you can even come up and argue if you want to, that the Prophet allowed alcohol,
fornication etc. and not only Mut'a. However, you won't convince any Muslim of what you are saying because we all know that the laws came gradually and that
certain things ended over time. So go debate your topic with a Shia. Sami is not a Shia, so obviously he sees this as a waste of time. Its like me trying to
debate you to defend the authority of the Apocrypha.

Making a whole debate on Mut'a is useless and a waste of time. If Shamoun wishes to bring it up in the Prophethood of Muhammad debate then fine. Its
not like we are saying that Shamoun cannot bring it up and that we are trying to avoid it. No, Shamoun can bring it up, but that is not the sole topic.

Look Sami, let Shamoun make a choice. if he wants to then great, if not then let him be. We can't force him. But just make sure that you save Shamoun's refusal just in case he accuses Muslims of being scared to debate him on this topic.

Peace to All


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Brother Sami's follow-up email:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 20:52:40 +0000

well lets hope he accepts the debate topic WHICH HE MADE how ironic, see guys thats the irony of all this, this is SHAMOUNS TOPIC! and hes on tape
too saying he wants it, and now all of a sudden he doesnt, no sam im sorry you dont keep making new debate topics as you want, be a man and debate
the first topic you set up so i can beat you on that too just like i did on my topic on jesus' divinity. so therefore sam must be a man and keep his word
and debate me on this topic as he said he would and the very topic he set up.

lets do it, next satuday, 10 pm new york time, format 2 min opening and 4 min back and forth for 2 hours, and this format WAS AGREED BY BOTH OF
US LAST YEAR FOR BOTH DEBATES it seems you want to keep changing everything now, why? let us stick to the original which even you yourself agreed
to and let us debate.

i am all ready guys, shamoun lets see if your talk can stand up you always say muslims fear to debate you on Islam or are running, i am chasing you
downnnnnnnnnnnn to debate this broad Islamic topic which you brought up, so lets do it so i can make it 2-0 for Islam. :)


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


My email:

From: Osama Abdallah <
To: sami z <,,,,,,
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 15:37:14 -0700 (PDT)

As'salamu Alaikum to all Muslims in this room,

Dear brother Sami, great job on smashing this missionary-snake and exposing him to be a real demon and satan follower as the rest of his flock, especially his other coward Jochen Jatz wh wouldn't remove the articles that he himself believe are absurd as he admittedly said so:

And yes, stick to debating in a room outside of his, since we have documented COUNTLESS foul insults from him which exposed him to be no more than a street thug. So we don't need to go to his room, as we did last time, to hear more insults.

It is obvious that this snake is pissing in his pants from you since you schooled him very bad on trinity in your last debate. And it is obvious that his gospel of porn, the book of women's vaginas and breasts taste like "wine" is too embarrassing for him that he wouldn't allow anyone to even bring up the porn in his bible. The reader can visit:

Here is why this missionary-snake wouldn't come to your room:

1-  He won't be able to mute your mic if you bring up the countless contradictions and corruption in his bible.

2-  He won't be able to mute your mic if you bring up the x-rated pornography in his bible.

3-  He won't be able to foul-insult anyone.

4-  He knows that his arguments on their own don't hold water.

Therefore case closed, and rest assure dear brother Sami that your conversation with this snake along with this reply of mine will be posted on a new article further exposing this coward and his fake scholarship.

Best regards,
Osama Abdallah


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Brother Sami's response:

From: "sami z" <> 
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 22:39:45 +0000

bro make sure you make note that he agreed to debate this topic in our first debate! so he must debate since he made the topic and said he would debate
it. :) we shall wait maybe he will suprise us and accept to debate his own topic.


Brother Sami's follow-up email:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 21:07:35 +0000

well i guess shamoun is a coward, he wont debate his own topic and look how quiet he has gone, thanks for showing your true colors sam, your no different than nadir ahmed, both of you are cowards and deep down you know you are a coward because you are even on tape saying this is your debate topic,
and i am now saying lets do it this saturday and you say no, oh well a coward is a coward, your just all talk and insulting, but when it comes down to business
you prove your true colors. brothers your all witnesses to this coward :)

how nice, lets hope shamoun can still prove us wrong by accepting the debate challenge on the topic which he made.


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Brother Abdullah Smith's response:

From: "Abdullah Kareem" <
Subject: RE: Debate: Is Muhammad a True Prophet?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 18:44:59 -0400

There is no hope for sun-god worshipper sam


My thorough response:

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:21:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Osama Abdallah" <>
Subject: Here is why I believe shamoun won't debate his own topic....
To: "sami z" <>,,,,,,

As'salamu Alaikum dear brothers in Islam,
It is quite obvious that Sam Shamoun's - or I should say the entire Answering Islam team's - stronghold is getting smaller and smaller.  You see, during my debate with him on Whether Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is a true Prophet or not, all of Shamoun's points were basically nothing but nonsense except for three (I meant four):
1-  What does the Noble Quran say about the Bible's authenticity and credibility?
2-  The topic and issue of Muta in Islam.
3-  The defeat of the Romans and their coming victory Prophecy.
4-  Abrogation.
The rest such as Prophet Muhammad thighing Aisha, and feeling desires to marry Zaynab were nothing but weak and desperate points that make good points on childish bashings, but not on disproving the Prophethood of Muhammad, peace be upon him, especially when his bible is notorious in pedophelia, raping, terrorism and so much more!
Since by the Grace and Mercy of Allah Almighty I have smashed his #1, #3 and #4 points thoroughly on the site where I demonstrated for point #1 that Allah Almighty called the Jews and Christians People of Book and People of Moses' Thikr, hence this means that the "Book" is none other than Moses' (peace be upon him) Thikr, since even the Bible supports this thoroughly because all of its Laws revolve around the Mosaic Laws, which means that the Noble Quran never said that constantine's bible is the Book and that it is not a corrupt book.  What this means brothers is that Islam's charges on the bible being a man-made bogus book are sound and irrefutable!
And as to point #3, not only did I destroy his point on the Prophecy where I demonstrated not only the estimated dates in Encyclopedia Britanaca and others could be inaccurate, and not only did I demonstrate that the Noble Quran never said that "few years" is a number less than 10 years, and not only did I show from his own bible "few years" and "many years" prophecies which silenced him, but I also showed a Scientific Miracle in geology in this NOble Verse where the place which the Romans lost in is indeed the lowest spot on earth.  Shamoun and Katz tried to give a desperate shot to this point using wrong English translations, but by Allah Almighty's Grace and Will, they got smoked bad on it.
And as to point #4, as you all know, I have recently smoked him bad on the topic of abrogation where I thoroughly demonstrated that it exists in the Mosaic Law and in the books of David and other parts of in the OT such as in Job's books, proving that the Bible's abrogation is not just limited to the NT abrogating the OT as Shamoun tried to convince his reader, but it also exists throughout the Bible in both the OT and the NT!
So what is Shamoun's last defense?
You guessed it; the Muta in Islam issue!  That is why he is all of the sudden insisting on debating this topic alone and nothing else, because every single other topic that he brought up got smoked bad!!  At least he is honest enough to himself to accept defeat in these points and let them go.  He is no longer holding on to them, which explains clearly why he only wants to debate the Muta topic and nothing else.
His last strong hold in trinity:
Brothers, we need to smoke him on Jesus being the heir point, since this was left unanswered.  The simple answer is this:
1-  It was the Jews who said he is the heir.  The NT simply recited what some of the Jews said, which means that this was either a false lie invented by men, or a quote about the Messiah inheriting the Earth, since he will be the King and Ruler of Earth as the OT predicts.  The polytheist trinitarian pagans who wrote the NT later on changed Earth to Universe to elate Jesus and make him GOD.  But in actual reality, Jesus inheriting the Earth and being its King goes in harmony with both Islam and the OT!
I will personally write an article on this in the near future insha'Allah to seal the trinity issue with him and to silence him once and for all as we did on the other points, by Allah Almighty's Grace and Will.
Smoking him on Muta:
Now Sam Shamoun, hopefully after this one we will see you embrace Islam and drop the paganistic man-made trinity that you believe in.  There are two answers to Muta for you:

(spelling out lesbianism and its graphic permission in the bible's Old Testament to this loser)

1-  Your Bible's OT is virtually silent about lesbianism!  Getting a little graphic here, your OT is clear about if a man sodomizes another man, then both must be put to death (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13).


Leviticus 18:22 " 'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

Leviticus 20:13 " 'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

No mention of women lying with women at all in the Old Testament, and the New Testament is vague about it!

Not only that, but the Bible makes ample references and sings ample praises about women's breasts and vaginas being sexual objects, and it even says that the vaginas and breasts of women literally taste like wine!

And your OT made ample references about men and women separately such as in the issue of bestiality where if a man is caught having sex with an animals then he must be put to death, while if a woman only approaches the animal with the desire or look to have sex with it, then she must be also put to death.


Let us look at Leviticus 20:15 "If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he must be put to death, and you must kill the animal."

Let us look at Leviticus 20:16 "If a woman approaches an animal to have sexual relations with it, kill both the woman and the animal. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

Notice that in Leviticus 20:15 the man has to be caught having sex with an animal in order for him to be put to death. We have to be sure 100% beyond the shadow of the doubt to kill him.

Notice however in Leviticus 20:16 that if a woman only looks SUSPICIOUS and not necessarily get caught having sex with an animal, she would still be put to death. We do not have to be sure 100% beyond the shadow of the doubt with her in order for us to kill her.

However, your OT is virtually silence about two women getting graphic with each others!

(Also, the bible says that women's vaginas and breasts taste like "WINE")

So if you want to attack Islam on a temporary and now-abrogated marriage that Allah Almighty clearly allowed temporarily to solve a certain social issue and then denounced later in the Noble Quran through Noble Verse 4:3 where He Said ".....THEN ONLY ONE....",  then you must also denounce your Law for being virtually silence on lesbianism!

I have thoroughly refuted you on Muta using the Noble Quran and Hadiths.  And like I explained, Muta was never a legalized prostitution for the following reasons:
1-  The Muta marriage still requires an official dowry to be paid to the woman.
2-  The Muta marriage still requires for the woman to wait the Idda period which is 4 months I believe before she can marry again.
3-  The Muta marriage still keeps chastity in the socieity because the woman is not allowed to talk with any man while she's married.
4-  The Muta marriage would never be possible if the man is already married because that then wouldn't be fair and just to the either wife, and Allah Almighty CLEARLY COMMAND ".....THEN ONLY ONE...."  in case of fear injustice will be done.
Embrace Islam Shamoun!
Sam Shamoun, you have already seen some power Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran that deal with astronomy in my most recent updates.  Embrace Islam man and quit being stupid and arrogant!  You're only harming yourself because your stubbornness is not only preventing you from embracing the Truth, but it is also preventing many many others whom are your fans!
If this was a chess game, then you would've been checkmated buddy.  But we're not talking about a chess game here.  We're talking about Allah Almighty's Wrath coming down upon you for misleading yourself and THOUSANDS OF OTHERS with you through your stubornness and nonsensical articles!


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


Brother Sami's response:

From: "sami z" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Exposing the Liar Shamoun
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 03:50:19 +0000

seems always get from bad to worst for this missionary, in his open debate challenge to shabir ally sam writes:

It seems that Muslim apologists are quick to debate issues such as the Trinity, the Deity of Jesus, the authenticity of the Holy Bible etc. but refuse to debate the credentials of their prophet. Perhaps Shabir will prove to be the exception to this norm and accept our public challenge.


muslim apologists refuse to debate the credentials of Muhammad? excuse me? i am challenging you for 3 days now to debate me and your a christian missionary coward who is refusing to debate this topic!


Sam Shamoun's response:

No response.


(b)-  Sam Shamoun's low class and insults:

Brother Sami's follow-up email:

From: "sami z" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: shamoun the coward like his holy spirit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 02:47:20 +0000

lol i just read your msgs on paltalk sam, guys this coward now wants to change topic and debate muta! notice what this coward is doing, he is not even debating his first topic which he made but he now wants to debate muta changing his topic!

sam stop hiding like a coward plz, stop being a chicken, and ur talk is so funny LOL u will slaughter me? what a fool u truly are, then again u believe in trinity so i dont blame u for being braindead. so quit being a chicken and be a man for once in your life so i can smack u like i did in debate one, i know your online now so dont be a chicken and stay quet SAY YES to our debate topic, osama when you write the article make sure to play the ending of the debate where this crazy thug missionary coward started barking like a dog insulting and saying LETS DEBATE MUHAMMADDDDDDDDDD play that part so everyone sees he is running from HIS OWN TOPIC.

everyone is gonna laugh at you soon when they see what a chicken you are, you christian coward you debate the first topic we agreed on, your not some boss to make a new debate topic, lets debate the first topic you made LETS GO lets do it this saturday you coward, oh well you probaly will stay quet as usual like the coward you are. your new name is chicken shamoun. typical christian, you fear MUSLIMS AND ISLAM as you should, you and your holy spirit under our feet :)

My comments:

What brother Sami referred to being under our feet is Shamoun's satanic evil spirit that is inspiring him and his polytheist trinitarian pagan brethrens.  But in Islam, we do honor and believe in the real Holy Spirit.  The real Holy Spirit is not what brother Sami Zaatari referred to, but rather Shamoun's fake "holy spirit", which is nothing but a satanic and decieving spirit.


Shamoun, the low-life loser, finally responds!

The following is a conversation that took place between Bassam Zawadi and one of Sam Shamoun's goons called "ben malik".  The latter also posted quotes from Sam Shamoun who goes by "Answering Islam".

From: "sam shamoun" <>
Subject: RE: shamoun the coward like his holy spirit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:32:13 +0000

Sweet evidence exposing cowards like Osama and Sami. Osama the clown, make sure you post this with your "response."

Thanks Bassam for the following info:

Bassam Zawadi: Sam Shamoun is backing down from a debate with Sami Zaatri
ben malik: in your dreams
ben malik: he is online
ben malik: why not ask him
Bassam Zawadi: he is not on my list
Bassam Zawadi: he is backing down from Sami Zaatri
ben malik: I don't blame him
Bassam Zawadi: i am on the email exchange list
ben malik: let me try this again
ben malik: in your dreams
ben malik: let me ask him
Bassam Zawadi: ask him
ben malik: and see the emails
Bassam Zawadi: Sami Zaatri's challenged Shamoun to prophethood of Muhammad
Bassam Zawadi: Shamoun backed off saying that he only wants to debate
Bassam Zawadi: mut'a
Bassam Zawadi: Sami told him
Bassam Zawadi: that mut'a argument can  be introduced into the debate
Bassam Zawadi: but that the debate topic must be on prophethood on Muhammad
Bassam Zawadi: just as they agreed last year
Bassam Zawadi: and even Shamoun says on his site that muslim apologists
usually fear debating this topic
Bassam Zawadi: so Zaatri took up the challenge
Bassam Zawadi: and told Shamoun not to change the topic
ben malik: Answering Islam: loool
Answering Islam: that is what these spineless cowards are good for
Answering Islam: lying
Answering Islam: and distorting the facts in order to make themselves
Answering Islam: Saami agreed to debate me on Muhammad's Muta, whether
it is
prostitution or not
Answering Islam: and asked for two weeks
Answering Islam: I knew he would back down
Answering Islam: out of nowhere he emails a list of people arranging
topic on Muhammad, whether he was a true prophet
Answering Islam: without ever notifying me first
Answering Islam: he did this to save face and to make it like he does
to debate me
Bassam Zawadi: plus we made Shamoun realize that a wholeeeeeeeee debate
just one topic is useless
Bassam Zawadi: he can introduce that argument if he wishes
Bassam Zawadi: Sami Zaatri and i
Bassam Zawadi: would like to have you and Shamoun in a private room
Bassam Zawadi: to discuss the matter peacefully
Bassam Zawadi: ask Shamoun if he agrees
ben malik: Answering Islam: as far as last year is concerned
Answering Islam: Sami ran after I slaughtered him
Answering Islam: and then a year later he asked me to debate him
Answering Islam: if he was such a man
Answering Islam: there would have been no need for him to run and then come back a year later
Answering Islam: tell Bassam
Answering Islam: here is my challenge to him and Sami
Answering Islam: stick to the agreement and debate Muhammad's muta so the world can see what it really is
Answering Islam: Ask him
Answering Islam: does he accept
Answering Islam: yes or no?
ben malik: answer me
ben malik: and I will tell him
ben malik: Answering Islam: and here are some emails to expose these liars
Answering Islam: they are good Muslims
Answering Islam: that's for sure
Bassam Zawadi: tell him no becuz he is not being logical and efficient. Its like me asking him to defend catholic beliefs
Bassam Zawadi: now lets discuss this on audio
ben malik: loool
ben malik: thanks
ben malik: Bassam
ben malik: I will save this for A-I
ben malik: to expose you guys
ben malik: so here
ben malik: he accepts your challenge provided you stick to your agreement to debate Muta
ben malik: why you guys afraid?
Bassam Zawadi: lol who do you people think you are making all the rules?
ben malik: you ashamed of Muta?
Bassam Zawadi: malik
Bassam Zawadi: make the private room
ben malik: ohh, so it is ok for you guys to make the rules
Bassam Zawadi: and let Shamoun confront us
ben malik: Zawadi, ACCEPT HIS CHALLENGE
ben malik: going once
ben malik: going twice
ben malik: going thrice
ben malik: accept
Bassam Zawadi: i see he is not man enuff to discuss on audio
ben malik: and he will not just confront you
Bassam Zawadi: he needs you as a mediator
Bassam Zawadi: we will talk about this
ben malik: but slaughter all three of you
ben malik: I thought so
Bassam Zawadi: and see who's rules are more logical
ben malik: FYI
Bassam Zawadi: if Shamoun's rules are logical
ben malik: Shamoun accepted
ben malik: Sami's topic to debate Jesus is God impromptu and smoked him
ben malik: SAY YES OR NOT
ben malik: going once
ben malik: going twice
ben malik: the topics have been set
ben malik: stop making excuses
Bassam Zawadi: do you people know how to think
ben malik: I will count to five
ben malik: 5
ben malik: 4
ben malik: 3
ben malik: 2
ben malik: 1
Bassam Zawadi: so childish
Bassam Zawadi: tell Shamoun, the purpose to discuss is to see who has the best topic to set and who has the right to set it
Bassam Zawadi: does he want to meet, yes or no?
ben malik: Answering Islam: tell Zawadi to look for the five rebuttals to him Answering Islam: he will love them
ben malik: thanks
ben malik: will forward your cowardice
Bassam Zawadi: you want  a countdown?
ben malik: for AI to save and use to expose you guys
ben malik: bye


My response:

Again, the reader can visit our thorough refutations to him on Muta at: Does Islam allow Muta?

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:30:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Osama Abdallah" <>
Subject: RE: shamoun the coward like his holy spirit
To: "sam shamoun" <>,,,,,,,


I read the conversation below between Bassam and your goon, and I saw nothing but class and manners from Bassam, while nothing but childish attitude and hate from you and your goon.

Therefore, I will gladly add the conversation to my new article on you with more commentary from me to further humiliate you as we've been doing.

Brothers, believe me this dumb coward is about to have a heart attack! Only 's team were able to shred him into pieces and turn him into the internet's biggest clown and thug. Think about it, he used to be well respected among his apologists, and now even the christian apologists like John Glichrist and others are voicing their despise toward him. It's obvious dear brothers, this loser can't stand even his own skin right now from jealousy and hatred. That is why you see him barking as loud as he could when he talks with anyone of us.

I pat Bassam Zawadi on the shoulder for showing real class, maturity and manners below. This is something completely foreign to this low-life loser, Sam Shamoun. That is why he sounded very proud and triumphant in his request to me to post this conversation on new article, because having class is something completely alien to him. One has to talk in losers' tones and style in order for this loser to understand.

This is indeed the most hilarious request I have ever received by him or anyone indeed, and I will gladly expose him bad on the site shortly insha'Allah.

Take care dear Muslim brothers.

Best regards,
Osama Abdallah


Brother Sami's response:

From: "sami z" <> 
Subject: RE: shamoun the coward like his holy spirit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:39:07 +0000

lollll shamoun proves hes an idiot, i posted the convo in my last email showing how you contradict yourself, SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT lol you truly are braindead as i said thanks for proving my point.

notice this coward responds back after days and doesnt accept it, instead he does everything i said he does! notice bros he makes a new topic, contradicts himself, and refuses to debate his own topic.

wow sam you really are a joke, thanks for showing your holy spirit is indeed satan, now go bang ur head on the wall and shout DONT SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!
lol your a pathetic coward, i thought you would have been a man to say yes sami i will debate you on my own topic but nop you show your a coward.


come on you coward debate YOUR OWN TOPIC you chicken so i can destroy you like i did in debate one.


Bassam Zawadi's response:

Subject: RE: shamoun the coward like his holy spirit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:41:03 +0000

Excuse me, are you blind and can't read? It was I WHO REQUESTED TO HAVE A DISCUSSION WITH YOU regarding this whole issue so that we can decide on the topics in a fair and just manner. YOU ARE THE ONE who rejected the offer to go into the room. You said that you woudl only agree if i agreed to
the topic first. Can you see your clumsiness? I am asking to have a discussion with you regarding what topics to debate but you make it a condition that i
accept your topic before we discuss. Looool. How can i agree to your topic and then ask you to come into a room to decide on a topic? Again, your lack
of intelligence is not surprising since you believe in Chrisitianity.

This convo exposes YOU, NOT ME. We are telling you THAT ITS OKAY TO INTRODUCE YOUR MUT'A ARGUMENT in the debate, but its a waste to make A WHOLE DEBATE on this one topic for it has no significance or value. Because like i said in a previous email to you, you are not going to prove anything
with it. Since being a Christian and believing in the old testament, you know that it would be you who has the problem defending the morality of prophets and not us.

Sami, this guy is backing off. Ignore him.


Brother Sami's response:

From: "sami z" <>
Subject: RE: shamoun the coward like his holy spirit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:45:20 +0000

i said hes braindead didnt i? lol hes funny what a clown, hes sitting in christian princes room, haha what a coward he thinks hes so tough in his room its ok we have one debate with him you shud see the comments on youtube they all think sams an idiot including the christians.



3-  Conclusion:

I think this article, by Allah Almighty's Grace and Will, has clearly and indisputably once again proven that Sam Shamoun is a foul-mouthed missionary who not only is a coward that is not serious about seeking the Truth, but he is also fond on playing childish games.  He can continue playing all of the silly games he desires, because that's all he can do.  By Allah Almighty's Mercy, Grace and Will, our web site,, have systematically and thoroughly destroyed this clown, his entire team, and their allies!  He clearly knows this and because he does, we see consistently and constantly talking in street language and obnoxious style.  This is certainly not the style of winners!  Allah Almighty Said about the likes of him in the Noble Quran:

"The parable of those who reject Faith is as if one were to shout Like a goat- herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries: Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are void of wisdom.  (The Noble Quran, 2:171)"

"It is he whom God guides, that is on true Guidance; but he whom He leaves astray - for such wilt thou find no protector besides Him. On the Day of Judgment We shall gather, them together, prone on their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf: their abode will be Hell: every time it shows abatement, We shall increase from them the fierceness of the Fire.  (The Noble Quran, 17:97)"





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